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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  March 21, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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murder at a high-end athletic store. now, a woman is denied bail. prosecutors say she then tried to make it look like they were both attacked by strangers. wjz stays on the story. derek valcourt reports from rockville with more on a motive for the attack. >> reporter: prosecutor says it all happened when the victim confronted the suspect over possible stolen items. they say that led to a deadly 20-minute long struggle between the two women and hundreds of lies by the suspect to cover it all up. >> reporter: prosecutors call 27-year-old britney norwood a cunning liar, for making up a story that she and her coworker, jayna murray were assaulted. but instead, what they say really happened, accusing norwood of a violent attack on murray, crushing her skull, severing her spine, and hitting her over the head countless
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times. the motive, all because murray confronted norwood over items she believed were stolen from the store. >> the young jayna did, in fact, report to her store manager what she believed to be a theft. again, that's what was stated in open court. >> reporter: prosecutors contended britney norwood's lies only seemed to change after they asked her how the victim's blood ended up in her car. detectives say norwood even used a pair of men's sized 14 shoes in the store to make footprints. when detectives asked if norbood started the fight, norwood said "yes" but would not say any more. jayna's family sathankful. >> the main message i would send is that we believe very, very strongly in the u.s. justice system. and we are going to let the
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justice system prevail. >> reporter: prosecutor says that when detectives told the suspect's family members what she was accused of, she asked to speak to her family. she told them, i don't want to disappoint you. i'm sorry. in rockville, derek valcourt, wjz eyewitness news. >> now, murray was a part-time grad student at johns hopkins. norwood is due back in court next month. bloodshed in baltimore. string of violent crimes. a 24-year-old man was stabbed to death at a gas station on edmondson avenue. three people were shot. one of those people were also died. since friday night, more than a dozen people were shot or stabbed in baltimore. a 4-year-old is stabbed. wjz is live at city police headquarters. adam may explains there are still unanswered questions. route now, police are still trying to figure out where that gun came from. and just hours ago, they learned it was not registered.
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>> reporter: sunday morning, on fern hill avenue in northwest baltimore, 4-year-old tayshaun found a gun. it went off, hitting him in the face. he was rushed to the hospital and pronounced dead. >> it is a horrible, horrible tragedy for that family. >> reporter: but police say the gun was not registered. >> what we want to know is where did this gun come from. whose gun is it and how did it end up in his hands? >> neighbors heard the mother screaming with horror. >> i think guns shouldn't be in the home with children of any age. >> i think people who own handguns need to be more responsible with them. but i can't imagine what the family is going through at this time. and my prayers go out to them. >> meanwhile, police are consulting with the atf. >> we want to trace the entire history of the weapon, where it came from, was it used in any crimes. >> reporter: as of right now, no one is facing criminal
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charges. reporting live, adam may, we'll eyewitness news. >> on average, around 200 children accidentally kill themselves with guns every year in the united states. new air strikes across libya. u.s. and coalition forces pound at least a dozen new targets, enforcing the newno-fly zone over the country. nomar gadhafi is not backing down and says this will be a long war. >> reporter: u.s. navy night vision cameras show more u.s. fighter jets on their way to patrol over libya. coalition planes are working to extended no-fly zone. and the u.s. army general in charge says the strategy is working. >> we are so far achieving our military objectives, consistent with our mission. >> reporter: coalition forces are keeping up the assault on moammar gadhafi's air defenses. they launched at least 12 more cruise missile attacks monday. the allies took out libyan planes, tanks. they even fired a missile at
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part of gadhafi's residential compound. u.s. officials say he was using the building as a command center. >> and there's always a command and control facility that we are certain is a command and control facility. and that is the facility that was attacked. >> reporter: the goal of the mission is to take away gadhafi's ability to attack civilians and to establish a no- fly zone, while americans are leading the operations now, the u.s. is eager to hand over control to other nations. >> we anticipate this transition to take place in a matter of days and not a matter of weeks. >> reporter: the coalition strikes seem to be strengthening the rebels' cause. after street battles with gadhafi forces in benghazi overnight, rebels kept control of the city. now, many are moving westward, vowing not to stop until they get to the capital of tripoli. in washington, joel brown, wjz eyewitness news. >> now, so far, nato is not playing a role in the attacks on libya.
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that organization requires all 28 members of the alliance to vote yes before it can get involved. and officials from turkey are blocking them from becoming part of the coalition. >> the world was also watching the unstable situation in japan tonight. but there may finally be some good news. but that damaged nuclear power plant. mary is live in the newsroom with the latest on the crisis there. >> they are still working to get the situation restored. workers at the nuclear power plant found that cooling pumps were completely destroyed by the earthquake and tsunami. they will have to be replaced. the most troubling news tonight, radiation found in food near the plant. farmers are being told they may have to destroy some of their crops. at least 28,000 are presumed missing or dead. and that number is likely to climb. >> more on the situation coming up at 6:30. as part of wjz's continuing community commitment. you can support disaster relief efforts to help those affected
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by the earthquake in japan. and the pacific tsunami. text red cross to 90999 to make a $10 donation. visit or call 1-800-red cross. casualty of war, the ongoing conflict in afghanistan has claimed the life of another marine from maryland. 25-year-old staff sergeant james malkowski of westminster was killed yesterday in combat operations in the helmont province. he was assigned to the marine expeditionary force, based in camp lejeune, north carolina. dozens of dogs rescued from deplorable conditions in anne arundel county. and tonight, those dogs need homes. they save 51 dogs from a hoarder's home last week. there are poodles, york shire terriers and poodle-yorkie mixes. they will be up for adoption starting tomorrow. it is the first full day of spring. and we are starting things off nicely. early morning stories. leaving behind mostly sun and
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pleasant temperatures. let's check in with bob and the first warning weather center. couldn't believe the thunder this morning, bob. >> i thought somebody was turning their lights on and off real fast. we did have some thundershower activity. take a look at it this morning. we went through about 5:30 and 8:00. boom, right across maryland. by 8:30, it was past the baltimore region. continued off to the east. take a look atid live -- at live radar. a batch of shower activity to the west/northwest of loray, virginia. but it's heading down to our south. looks like the bulk of this will pass just south of washington. a few showers north of oakland and baltimore. still may get a shower around 8:30 or 9:00. but most of the region, should at least stay until washington north. a little cooler today. but we'll see sunshine. followed by more showers tomorrow night. denise? >> thank you, bob. money matters. one by one, schools across the state are getting a firsthand
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assessment of what needs to be fixed and renovated. political reporter pat warren has more on what the state comptroller is doing. >> reporter: he's on the board of public works. and part of the job of the board of public works is to decide who gets how much of school construction money. and with times as tight as they are, this is no easy task. >> reporter: these are a few of the 500 hampton elementary children who, like the sign on the door says, don't forget to bring their positive attitudes to class. >> i like gym and computer and library. >> i like to see more of the gym. and more of the art room. >> this is a classic example of being a victim of their success. >> reporter: hampton elementary, like others have simply outgrown itself. but with $6 million requested, the board of public works could solve its problems. state comp comptroller peter franchot toured hampton today. >> now, i see why we need all of the money. [ laughter ]
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>> absolutely. >> very ambitious plan. but a good one. >> and well spent. >> reporter: baltimore county is asking the state for a total of $78 million to spend system wide. >> reporter: the students are doing quite well here. and so it's a very attractive place to live. and people come in this area and this community because of our good schools. and that's what's causing some of the overcrowdedness right now. >> reporter: looks like the county has made its case. >> this is a family-oriented county. and it sure reflected that today. >> other visits to other schools to follow. >> reporter: approximately $600 million in renovations and improvements have been requested by maryland school districts. reporting live from lutherville, baltimore county, i'm pat warren. back to you on television hill. >> the board of public works meets in annapolis tomorrow. still to come tonight on eyewitness news. buckling a baby. new recommendations that could change the way your child rides in the car. i'm jessica kartalija, in
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harford county. what has been going on inside this house that has neighbors calling 911. i'm alex demetrick. and coming up, a homecoming for a baltimore landmark. that story as eyewitness news continues. and are we in store for a nice spring week? bob is back with the first full forecast coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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children were being sold alcohol. that's the charge.
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jessica kartalija reports. county officials say this is a part of a much bigger problem. on this quiet street in bel air. deputies raid this home where they say residents were running the house through a bar. >> they were posting the parties on facebook. they were encouraging people to come. pay a fee to get in in which alcohol would be supply? the page called laughing duck led them to the county board last night. >> the alcohol was being supplied by the residents in the home. >> neighbors tell me they'd have a party here at least once a month. and when the weather was nice, sometimes more often. >> parents shouldn't condone underaged drinking. >> this violation of dispensing alcohol for a fee. >> reporter: joseph ryan, with the office of drug control, says this incident highlights a
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much bigger problem. >> kids are becoming addicted to drugs at a higher rate. >> reporter: the suspects in this case have not yet been formerly charged. -- formally charged. i'm jessica kartalija, wjz. >> deputies say those attending the parties were charged a $5 cover. a man pleads guilty to second-degree rape. according to our media partner, the baltimore sun, 24-year-old jeffrey trapghtem is expected to be sentenced to 40 years in prison on the pornography charge and they will seek additional time for the rape charge. the victim was just 6 years old. an applied nano structures solution business. the company tells wjz, an employee inappropriately disposed of a rag into a hazardous materials container.
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this cause the con -- caused the container to smolder. the local fire department quickly took care of the situation. and no one was in any danger at any point. she may not move under her own power. but the uss constellation is still hometown pride. a constant fight against age and wear, got the ship out of view until today. moving out of dry dock from sparrows point. the 157-year-old uss constellation was pushed by tugboats and back to the inner harbor. the ship spent seven weeks undergoing reparis. -- repairs. >> fresh water is the bane. it caused deterioration there. >> reporter: not unexpected for a ship built in 1854. >> a lot of people have been asking when were they coming back. >> it's spectacular. it's wonderful to live in this
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wonderful city. to see this beautiful ship come in. all of the riggings. it's just -- the majesty of it. it's overwhelming. >> reporter: each with tugs, it still takes 19th century power to berth and tie up the constellation. the constellation is a piece of floating history. >> everything in baltimore's history has its place. and the constellation has her place down here. >> reporter: the repairs made this time are not a final fix. a major overhaul will be needed down the road, once the money is found. >> this is a very preliminary guess. probably about $1.5 million. >> but then donations and volunteers made this repair and return possible. alex demetrick, week eyewitness news. ask the world war ii submarine tour also returned from dry dock repairs to its berth in the national aquarium. just in time for spring. >> first full day of spring
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today. and this morning, felt like it. >> lights on and off. after that passed through, pretty nice afternoon. look how warm it got. it's 70 degrees now. southwest winds at 5. really flinching out there. the barometer, holding steady. there may be showers south and west of our region. but tonight will look like a pretty nice tuesday. we're looking at the forecast after this. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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okay. there's the torch. >> looks like a new paint job on it, too. went to the submarine dentist. looks great. great afternoon to get into the inner harbor. sun came back out. take a look at temperatures now. we're still at 70. that's been our high for the day. even warmer to the west. and some places in virginia got into the mid and upper 70s. it's cooler down in washington with the potomac there at 65. 69, pax river. 59, elkton. now, north of philadelphia, 100 miles north of philadelphia, they had 2 to 4 inches of snow today. that's right. in the 30s. 59, 70. 72.
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72. back here in virginia. right now, showers. but temperatures got in the mid- 70s. around the local area. pleasant afternoon now. upper 60s to low 70s. where it's cool, close to the bay. 55, kent island. and annapolis, also coming in at 55 degrees. 70, 43 study. the average high now is 56. 35 is the average low. the record high, 1948. 89 degrees. but look at this. the record low, in 1965. 8 above zero. this time of year, it's amazing. winter or almost summer can be year-round around the region. winds out of the west and southwest. to the west, it's more of a north wind. that will bring in somewhat cooler air tomorrow. with the frontal system that comes through this morning. that was actually a warm front. portions ever new york. couple of places there got 6 to 7 or 8 inches of snow. we've got showers across ohio, west virginia. most of these, as you can see, heading just to our south.
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so if you're heading down south of washington this afternoon and evening, fredericksburg, probably showers. richmond may be. southern maryland may see some showers as well. the front is going to stall out to our south. which means later tomorrow, the clouds build back. and look for more rain to develop, tomorrow night into wednesday. much cooler air follows that for the end of the week. where we could see really chilly temperatures by friday and saturday. small craft advisory. bay temp around 46. chilly. showers south of the area. otherwise, partly cloudy skies. 60 tomorrow. cooler than today. but still a nice day. sunshine giving way to clouds. tomorrow night, more rain moves back into the region. and showers. and maybe a thundershower. best chance south of the city here on wednesday. so a little unsettled through our next couple of days. >> watering the crocus. >> and so will the persipiens.
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cirque du soleil returns to baltimore, with a brand new production that is nothing like you've ever seen before. >> denise, it is called totum. and it is about how man is connected to other creatures on this earth. >> reporter: this is totem, cirque du cirque du soleil's new production coming to baltimore in april. through song and dance. we trace its original state to its ultimate desire to fly. melanie laland tells us totum lets us escape for a little bit. >> it really lets us escape. want something that is amazing? go away with just a little bit of hope or inspiration. >> reporter: track, her character, came to the maryland environment center. along with the indian dancer. and the scientists who visit different worlds in the show.
6:25 pm
plus, a very realistic-looking monkey. >> we wanted them to look wild and rough. and how you would actually find monkeys in the wild. >> reporter: when totem comes to baltimore, audiences will see it under the blue and yellow grand shapito at the west port waterfront. >> it's special because it's intimate. you feel like you're part of the action that can take you on the journey. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: totem runs from april 7th to april 24th. this is the fifth time a circ show has come to baltimore. denise? >> they are incredible. thank you, mary. still to come tonight on wjz's eyewitness news. knut, the polar bear. a shocking death. is the worst over? scientists may be working overtime at the thuof nu -- the nuclear power plant. showing off one of baltimore's newest schools to
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congressman elijah cummings. what makes this school so special? i'm andrea fujii. that story is just ahead on eyewew,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it is just before 6:30. 73 degrees. here are some of the stories people are talking about tonight. all eyes on that crippled nuclear plant in japan. just when it seemed like workers were getting closer to stabilizing the situation. more smoke forced an evacuation. randall pinkston reports for wjz, there are hopes the worst is over. workers at the stricken fukushima daichi nuclear plant. were destroyed. new ones will have to be brought in. they stalled repair work at the plant. engineers are working to get cooling systems operating again. but officials now say that could take weeks. the top use nuclear regulator says although three reactors probably have core damage, the situation at the troubled plant appears to be stabilizing. >> today, all three units appear to be in a stable condition, with sea water
6:30 pm
injection being used to keep the reactors cool. >> reporter: the u.n.'s nuclear chief is also sounding more monthistic. while he says the situation is still very serious, he says there are signs of improvement at the plant. >> reporter: but for thousands who live near the complex, conditions are deteriorating. farmers have been told they may have to destroy their crops. in the town, workers have begun building temporary homes. more than 70% of the houses there were destroyed. many of the homeless have been living in the crowded high school gym. to the south in tokyo, evacuated residents are returning home, hoping to resume their lives. >> i'm careful. i think there's no harm. at this moment. and that's why i'm back. >> reporter: trace amounts of radiation have been found in tokyo's drinking water. government officials claim the levels are too low to pose a risk. >> reporter: and as part of
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wjz's continuing community commitment, you can support disaster relief efforts to help those affected by the earthquake in japan and the pacific tsunami. text red cross to 90999 to make a $10 donation, visit, or call 1-800-red cross. people around the world watch the situation around the world. they're also keeping their eyes on the crisis in libya. it's another day of allide attacks. mary is live in the newsroom with the latest. last-minute targets again today to enforce a no-fly zone. it is all in an effort to protect civilians in their uprising against moammar gadhafi's regime. today, they are preparing to fall back into a supporting role. british, french and italian warplanes are expected to enforce the no-fly zone. they voted unanimously for the action. but tonight, russia and china
6:32 pm
say coalition forces may be going too far. >> reporter: rebel leaders say while the air strikes have helped, they need more weapons to fight gadhafi's forces directly. you may have noticed a slight drop in gas prices at the pump recently. but it is not expected to last. nationwide, prices fell about 1 sept from last week. however, with the ongoing conflict in libya, and the extent of the earthquake damage in japan unclear, prices are expected to shoot back up as the weather continues to warm up. and here's a look at the latest prices here in maryland. right now, there is an average of 3 -- $3.55. last month, it was $3.10. last year at this time, it was $2.81 a gallon. new advice on children's car seats. as danielle nottingham reports, the new recommendation will change the way many parents buckle up their children. >> reporter: like most parents,
6:33 pm
carrie turned her twins' car seats around when they turned 12 months and reached 20 pounds. >> it's great to have them forward facing. you can look in the rear rear- view mirror and see their faces. >> reporter: carrie got the go ahead. but now the american academy of pediatrics has new guidelines. advising parents to keep their children in rear-facing car seats until age 2. or until they reach the maximum height and weight. >> their head and neck is much better cradled in the car seat. >> reporter: the study found that children under age 2 are 75% less likely to die or get severely hurt in a crash, if they're riding rear facing. >> reporter: there are also new recommendations for booster seats. the academy says kids should stay in boosters until they're 4'9" tall, and between 8 and 12 years old. >> you'll know that the lap and shoulder belts of your car fit the child properly when your child can sit all the way back
6:34 pm
in the seat, with knees bench ask not slouching and have the shoulder portion go around the middle of the chest and the lap portion around the thighs. >> carrie is going to take the advice and switch the car seat back. but she knows it won't be a popular decision. >> my very opinionated 16-month- old will not be very happy turning around and not seeing out the window and not seeing mommy anymore. >> reporter: she wint do it herself. -- won't do it herself. she'll go to the local police station and make sure it is installed properly. >> the american academy of pediatrics also recommends all children should ride in the back seat until they are 13 years old. bringing the winning to our area. charlie sheen's one-man show is coming to washington, d.c. he will perform at constitution hall, april 19th. sheen's violent torpedo of truth tour. sheen was recently fired from his hit cbs sitcom, two and a
6:35 pm
half men. he is expected to rake in millions on this tour. time now for a quick look at the story you'll find on the baltimore sun. what a new study is saying about mid-atlantic employers. who is likely to be on thor oriole -- auto orioles -- the orioles' opening day roster. for these stories and more, read the baltimore sun. and remember to look for the updated forecast from the wjz first warning weather team. dream green. that's the theme. today, congressman elijah cummings paid a visit. andrea fujii explains, what makes this school so special. >> reporter: students say it's an honor for maryland congressman elijah cummings to visit their school. >> this is my first time meeting elijah cummings. and i wanted to meet him for a long time. >> you feel like you're going somewhere? >> yes. >> reporter: 187 sixth and 7th graders attended the green
6:36 pm
street academy, which opened last fall. it's the first public school in baltimore to prepare students for careers in the green economy, like construction, energy, and environmental sustainability. >> reporter: for example, one of the students' first projects was to help build the self- sustaining koi pond. >> they can make the environment safer and better and cleaner. that's significant. >> reporter: with green plants, green slogans, and recycling bins in every class, students take home what they learn. >> recycled bottles and paper. and stuff like that. >> we're a green community. and we talk about the environment, how to keep it clean. and how we recycle it. >> reporter: lessons students hope to spreadas they grow up. >> to recycle more and to do more stuff to save the world. >> reporter: andrea fujii, wjz eyewitness news. >> the green street academy hopes to expand to include grades 8 through 12 in the next
6:37 pm
five years. plus, you get those cool green ties. >> yes. still to come. groundbreaking surgery. mixing -- fixing a man's entire face. after he was horribly disfigured in an accident. [ gunshots ] caught on tape. the dramatic end to a hostage situation in wisconsin. >> reporter: i'm bob turk. first warning weather center. are more spring showers headed our way? and i'll have the exclusive first warning five-day forecast. and wjz is always on. here are the top stories on at this hour. for updates on the day's news, and the updated forecast, log onto ,, you want to get a great looking lawn like this,
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a wisconsin police officer was killed during a standoff with a suspect. [ gunshots ] police say they were responding to a high-risk call at a home when the suspect fired at them. officers were seen rushing a hostage out of the home and into an armored vehicle. another officer was also hurt in the shooting. the world's most famous polar bear has died. 4-year-old knut died over the weekend at his berlin zoo. visitors watched as high turned several times, and dropped to
6:41 pm
the ground, falling into the water. the cause of death is not yet clear. knut rose to fame when he was handraised by zookeepers after his mother rejected him at birth. the nation's first facial transplant is bringing hope to a young father who was injured in a horrible work accident. sandra hughes has the story in tonight's healthwatch report. [ laughter ] >> reporter: the nation's first full facial transplant will restore dallas weans' face. the texas man was burned beyond recognition when his head touched a 4 line while he was painting a church in a cherry picker. >> i lost my left eye. all of my teeth. what you see here is actually bone. >> reporter: it took more than 30 doctors 15 hours to try to restore the young father's face. doctors transplanted a nose, lips, skin, muscles and nerves
6:42 pm
that will give weans' skin sensation. >> the tissues are really molded on the new person. and in this case, the way the results will look, will not resemble either what he used to be or the donor. >> reporter: he is only 25 and while uninsured, he is now able to be covered under his father's plan. the operation took place last week. but the exact day isn't being revealed, to protect the privacy of the donor family. >> we offer our most sincere and heartfelt thanks to the family who gave dallas this most precious gift. you will forever remain in our hearts and prayers. and we are grateful for your selflessness. >> reporter: wean says he hasn't been depressed about his deformity. but he misses what most fathers are able to do. >> not being able to kiss my daughter is frustrating. >> reporter: while the world will see his new face soon, weans never will. he was blinded in the accident,
6:43 pm
and the surgery won't restore his sight. >> reporter: sandra hughes, wjz eyewitness news. >> the world's first full facial transplant was performed in spain last march. there are currently two people in the u.s. on waiting lists for similar surgeries. incredible what they can do. from water to milk to spinach. how is radiation actually affecting the food supply in japan? plus, we'll have more on that controversial program that allegedly let thousands of u.s. weapons cross the border into mexico. another atf allege speak -- agent speaks out. so those stories and more tonight on wjz 13 baltimore. denise and vic, back to you. katie, thank you. here's a look at tonight's closing numbers from wall street. we'll be right back. ♪
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some early showers, even a few rumbles of thunder, gave way to a pleasant march day and evening. any rain coming? bob is here to let us know. south of d.c., there's showers and thunderstorms right now. and in fact, southern maryland
6:47 pm
will probably see this activity next hour or two. slight chance we'll see a shower between now and 9:00. tomorrow, looks like a pretty nice start to the day with sun and clouds. 40s to the mid- to upper 50s, probably getting close to 60. and probably tomorrow night, showers move back into the region. so look for showers tomorrow night. and a good chance of showers, maybe a thundershower yet on wednesday. drying somewhat. but cooling down for thursday, friday, and saturday. mid-50s. mid- to upper 40s. for the end of the week and weekend. it's going to get chilly, vic? >> okay, bob. thank you. behind the scenes of a movie. >> coming up here on entertainment tonight. courtney and david together. it is our "scream 4" behind the scenes exclusive. >> reporter: gail weathers is back and scream screaming. and sheriff duly is there to save her. >> go ahead if you have the
6:48 pm
guts. >> she's in the small town of woods borough. and she's pretty unhappy and not that pleased with him. and just kind of life is dull. then two murders happen. >> reporter: last summer, before the world would learn of their separation, courtney and david returned to continue the movie franchise they began 15 years ago. >> i love working with courtney, like in a production company atmosphere, as we usually do. but also, as an actress. she's such a thrill to work against. >> dewey? >> what's going on? >> this is not public information. >> it's all over the internet? >> it is? nat campbell is also back. >> reporter: also tonight, all new royal wedding secrets. plus, brad and angelina's day out, with all six of their kids. that and much more coming up later, here on entertainment tonight. and you can see
6:49 pm
entertainment tonight, at 7:30, here on wjz. still to come tonight. march madness really kicks into high gear. and stan has a wrap-up coming up next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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all right. we're still debating football. stan is here with the wjz, the fan sports report. ravens fans. everybody else, lend me your ears. as the top brass has announced promising news, regarding future concerns. according to our media partner, the baltimore suns newspaper, ravens owner steve bisciotti says it is very likely he'll sign steve flacco so joe won't be playing the final year of his contract. which means bisciotti won't become a free agent. flacco, the ravens' all-time passer. attempts in completion has led the nfl birds in each of his three seasons. round 3. ncaa tournament. last night in charlotte, late second half. duke's kylie irving, injured
6:53 pm
all season. eight seconds left. duke's nolan smith hits one of two freethrows. michigan with the rebound. and the last chance for survival. but it does not happen. darius morris off the mark. and duke is now in its 1216 round. next week, it will be duke against number 4 seed, arizona. women's ncaa tournament meantime. college park, facing brenda frese's terrapins. including that one on a strong rebound. elissa thomas, the pride. maryland never trailed. en route to a 70-40 victory. waco, texas. baylor sophomore. britney. smooth, agile, graceful as a gazelle. watch her on this move. watch her on a reverse, reverse, against prarie view.
6:54 pm
and baylor, annihilate prarie view. baseball now. orioles off today in florida. while former slugger barry bonds was off the court in san francisco. probably less than enthused about the laborious process. baseball's all-time home run king, accused of perjury or lying to a grand jury, when he denied, knowingly, using performance-enhancing drugs. at towson university, the now 2-4 tigers got a hat trick. third hat trick in four games. also had the game winner. towson beat the top five opponents. with the 9-8 victory over stoney brook. also this past weekend, the fifth-ranked loyola lacrosse team. the host, greyhounds for 14jm u- turnovers. one beyond their nationwide average of about 13 beyond a game. they go on to take care of that
6:55 pm
game, by the final of 11-7. >> and that is sports. and i'll see you again tonight at 11:00. >> thank you, stan. be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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don't miss the cbs primetime lineup tonight at 10:00, hawaii five-0. finally, an elderly man in new jersey takes the plunge of a lifetime. when most people would be content with -- content with a small celebration, fred mack decided to commemorate has 100th birthday. he said he promised his friends he would take the leap if he made it to 100, which is when i'll be doing it if i make it. that's it for tonight. we'll be back at 11:00. >> thanks for watchi
6:59 pm
>> couric: tonight, as allied forces pound targets in libya, the u.s. military insists qaddafi is not a target, but the commander in chief makes it clear... >> it is u.s. policy that qaddafi needs to go. >> couric: i'm katie couric. also tonight, another setback in japan. workers again forced to evacuate as smoke pours from crippled nuclear reactors and concerns grow about the safety of japan's food supply. and another a.t.f. agent tells cbs news the agency encouraged gun dealers in this country to sell weapons to mexican drug cartels. captioning sponsored by cbs from cbs news world headquarters in new york, this is the "cbs evening news" with katie couric. >> couric: good evening, everyone. for a third straight night, tripoli has come under attack from u.s. and allied forces as they establish a no-fly zone over libya. anti-aircraft fire


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